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About Us

Homies Hive is the result of many months spent curating the best products on the market and making those available at great prices.

Homies Hive products are functional household items with a witty and unexpected twist. Many of them are inspired by fairy tales or myths, as exemplified by our collection.

We have sorted through thousands of trends and products from around the world to bring you the best, high-quality ones that we have found. Our quality assurance policy helps to ensure you get products that have been tested to a rigorous standard and should give you confidence in your purchase. 

We promise to deliver you the kind of service that you and your dog truly deserve.

Connect with Us
If you want to express yourself more, we will ensure you are satisfied. So, if you ever have any suggestions for a design, product or how we could improve what we do, please get in touch! We love hearing from you the good and the bad. That's how we grow.

If you have a group or event that needs custom designs or large quantities of either your own design or one of ours, let us know! We love working with you person to person, and can even sponsor or partner with you.

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